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  • How do I get to the island Vengsøy and the lodges?
    From Tromsø Airport it is 30 minutes by car to the location Bellvik from where you need to take the ferry to Vengsøy. You can take your car with you on the ferry (paid fee), or a taxi can drop you off. The cabins are on walkingdistance from the ferrystop on Vengsøy. We advise you to plan your trip with the ferry in advance. Based on the check-in and check-out, we recommend: From Bellvik to Vengsøy* 14:00: 7 days a week 17:10: 7 days a week From Vengsøy to Bellvik* 08:55: weekdays from monday to friday 09:15 or 10:40: on saturdays 10:00: on sundays *Please doublecheck these times online for any changes or different times during holidays. You are welcome to call or email us for more information. See the times shedule of the ferry route nr 182: Tromskortet Rent a car in Tromsø: Or order a taxi:
  • Check-in / check out hours?
    Both check-in and check out hours are related to the ferry schedule. Check-in between 2 pm - 6:00pm (14:00-18:00) Check out between 6:30am -11:00am (06:30-11.00)
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Payment is done in advance of your visit. We accept: Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer. When you have arrived at the lodges, you can also order and pay for activities and extra fees by card (no cash payments). The payment provider we offer via our website is Stripe: for Visa and Mastercard.
  • Is there a supermarket?
    Yes, next to the lodges there is a small local grocery store "Matkroken", within short walking distance. At the grocery store, you will find basic grocery assortment in food and drinks. Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 4:30pm (10:00-16:30) Saturday: 10:00am - 2:30pm (10:00-14:30) See:
  • Is there Wifi?
    Yes, we offer Wifi free of charge on all our lodges.
  • What kind of activities do you offer?
    In the winter kayak, snowshoe hiking, Northern Lights campfire, Sami camp visits, reindeer or dogsledding. Some of these activities can be planned in Vengsøy and others you will get a pick up from the Ferry port in Bellvik. Or relax in the Jacuzzi (private rent for 500nok - 3 hours) Summer: Fishing (The best spot for fishing), rent a boat, kayak, hiking, midnight sun, fjordtours. Contact:
  • Is it possible to rent a boat?
    Yes, you can rent a boat during the spring and summer season. We have different boats to rent out. Please contact us for prices and availability.
  • Are the lodges equipped with beds for kids between 0-2 years?
    Yes, please let us know if you need a travel cot for your kids and we will arrange this for you.
  • Are pets allowed?
    On request. Please contact us:
  • Is smoking permitted on the lodge?
    No, you are not allowed to smoke inside.
  • How do I get the key?
    The key is given to you upon your arrival and check-in at the lodges. Please let us know when you arrive.
  • Can I drink the tapwater?
    Yes, the tap water in Norway is of excellent quality. Bottled water can also be bought in the small supermarkt next to the lodges.
  • Is there a fireplace?
    No, there isn't a fireplace on the lodge, but if you would like to make a bonfire outside you can bring your own wood. Ask us about where it is suitable to make a bonfire and we will happily show you the best places on the island.
  • Do I need to make a booking for the jacuzzi? How does it work?
    Yes, reservations for the jacuzzi are private and can be made via email:, please include what hours you prefer, these are the most popular hours: From 6pm - 9pm From 9pm - 12 am Price: 500NOK for 3 hours. The jacuzzi is situated down by the waterfront.
  • Is there a basic cooking / cleaning assortment available in the lodge?
    Yes, the lodges are equipped with basic cleaning assortment for the kitchen such as dishwashing soap, tablets for the dishwasher and hand soap. Also, you will find common norwegian seasonings (herbs, spices) such as oil, salt and pepper etc.
  • Is it permitted to wear shoes inside?
    No, please leave your shoes at the entrance. In Norway it is not common to wear shoes inside to prevent bringing dirt inside and damaging the floor. Also, do not go inside wearing soles with nails.
  • Can I buy drinks and beer on the island?
    Yes, but only beverages with less than 4,7 % alcohol. The nearby local grocery store have a small selection of alcoholic beverages. Please be aware of the Norwegian regulations regarding buying alcohol, grocery stores are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages after 8pm on weekdays and 6pm on saturdays.
  • Can I rent fishing equipment from Vengsøy Rorbuer?
    No, we do not have fishing gear available for rental at the lodges. Please let us know if you need assistance regarding rental of fishing gear, we are happy to help you.
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